• Innovations (research and development) are based on clear objectives and fixed milestones. Neue Warnow Design & Technology connects these ambitions closely with the maritime topic of energy.
  • Our technological core competences are innovative engineering solutions for the periphery of alternative and regenerative energy systems especially in the maritime field.

The research

  • The research work we do in the industry includes for example, the transport and storage of cryogenic energy sources (Liquefied Natural Gas) and the "marinisation" of a molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC) with an operating temperature of appr. 650°C. The result of our research focuses on available services for our customers.

Our engineering

  • Our engineering services for all planning phases in the area of offshore wind-energy is one exemple for the results of this innovation process. These services are based on a successful technology transfer from the realised research project to the profitable marketability in the maritime network.