Our experience

  • Basis evaluation for the design basis and pre-design for the offshore wind park BALTIC I
  • Design basis and pre-design for the offshore wind park Nordergründe
  • Pre-design for the offshore wind park OWP Kriegers Flak

Our service

  • Support from basic design up to workshop drawings and manufacturing
  • Cost-effectiveness for the whole wind park
  • Proven service packages for approval planning
  • Engineering for all planning phases

Our performance

  • Vertically integrated development with verification from azimuth down to depth of foundation
  • Cost saving with minimizin of total numbers of foundation construction by means of clustering
  • Developed foundation structures: Monopile, Tripod, Jacket, Gravity
  • Preperation of the Design Basis, Conceptual Design, Detail Design
  • Tranformer platforms for all types of foundations
  • Driveability estimations