Offshore-Windpark BALTIC I

wpd think energy GmbH & Co.KG

  • Fundamentals for the design basis
  • Fundamentals of geotechnical laboratory tests for extreme and fatigue loads
  • Parameter studies for foundations (monopile) for the approval planning phase
  • Preliminary design of the transformer platform
  • Basis design transformer platform

Offshore-Windpark Kriegers Flak

wpd think energy GmbH & Co.KG

  • Parameter studies for monopile, tripod and jacket
  • Preliminary design of the transfpormer platform

Offshore-Windpark Nordergründe

Energiekontor AG

  • Design Basis
  • Parameter studies of foundation type monopile
  • Sensitivity analysis of relevant parameters
  • Feasibility analysis of gravity foundation
  • Preliminary design of the transformer platform

Windpark Eggersdorf

Energiekontor AG

  • Dimensioning and detail design of raft foundations in water uplift

Offshore- Windpark BARD Offshore

BARD Engineering GmbH

  • Cluster formation with sensitivity analysis of a complete offshore windpark
  • Engineering for fabrication and transport constructions (nacelle and tripile)