All Planning Phases

I. Basis evaluation

  • Preparation of the Design Basis with parameter (wind, wave, subsoil, loads)
  • Cluster formation with sensivity analysis

II. Planning

  • Determination of extrem load cases
  • Pre-design / concepts of offshore foundation structures and transformer platforms
  • Parameter studies, e. g. choice of offshore foundation type (Monopile, Tripod, Jacket, Gravity)
  • Outline of foundations drafts and preparing mass estimation
  • Verification of parameter studies for feasibility estimation
  • Installation concept with driveability estimations related to existing subsoil expertises
  • Transportation concepts for offshore foundations (logistic offshore wind)
  • Preperation of basis for cost-effectiveness
  • Consulting services in negotiations with authorities

III. Design engineering

  • Design drafts on basis of planning concepts
  • Preperation of structural steel solutions for offshore foundations
  • Dimensioning of main parts (e. g. local joints, flanges, grouted joints)
  • Preparing of mass calculations
  • Basic assignment of design details and main dimensions of foundation types
  • Perform of driveability estimation
  • Consulting services in negotiations with auhtorities

IV. Approval planning

  • Consulting services in negotiations with certifier
  • Submitment of documents to certifier and audit authority
  • Verifiable computations with documents
  • Transport, assembling and deconstruction plan
  • Reinforcement steel drawings
  • Steel construction plans

V. Implementation planning

  • Technical preparation of results from phases of planning III and IV
  • Detailed design with verification
  • Installation plans and fitting plans (reinforced concrete)
  • Steel amount and parts lists
  • Workshop drawings
  • Welding seams

Examples of proven service packages

I. Design Basis

  • Determination of design parameters from expertises
  • Screening of major design loads
  • Evaluation available expertise (plausibility control)
  • Verifiable data basis for the whole planning of structural framework (basis to tender)

II. Cluster formation

  • Determination of cluster with similar subsoil behaviour
  • Safeguarding of cluster robustness by sensitivity analysis
  • Minimizing of total numbers of foundation constructions from numbers of clusters

III. Parameter studies

  • Variation of boundary conditions (hub height, wind turbine type, scour protection)
  • Alternative solutions ond feasibility studies for foundation types of offshore-wind turbines and transformer platforms
  • Prepare mass estimation
  • Cost basis (fabrication, transport, installation, maintenance, deconstruction)
  • Detect "relevant parameters" (park configuration, parameter, foundation type)
  • Cost-effectiveness for the whole wind park

IV. Detail design with verification

  • Tower and tubular joint (Jacket, Tripod)
  • Grounted joint and flange joint
  • Wartungsplattform
  • Maintence platform
  • Integration board crane
  • Doorway