Cryo Tank Systems

Panel development

  • Composite panels made of fibre-reinforced plastic
  • Metal panels made of profiles (aluminium)

Implementation of thermodynamic and thermomechanical analysis

  • Boil-Off-Rate
  • Heat flux density
  • Numerical calculations (finite element analysis) and dimensioning

Developments and design for tank system concepts and tank modules

  • Tank corner and transition sections
  • Fastening technology of membranes and insulations
  • Bearing systems to inner ship hull

Indepedent and membrane tank concepts

  • Development of new cryo fuel tanks and tank containers
  • Peripheral equipment and system integration of the cryo fuel tank

Innovate Joining technology

  • Firmly bonded joining using stir welding (FSW)
  • Applications for the connection of profiles for cryogenic temperatures of joining technology
  • Integration into the shipbuilding process

Hot Modules - Molten carbonate fuel Cells (MCFC)

  • Derivation of design parameters for high temperature range
  • Developments of tasting systems for maritime applications

Foundations for offshore wind parks

  • The design basis with design parameters (wind, wave, subsoil, loads)
  • Cluster formations
  • Driveability estimations
  • Design and calculations of foundations types (Monopile, Jackets, Tripods, Gravity based structures)
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