Neue Warnow Design & Technology GmbH


  • Identifying the topics of potential customers - clarify problems to realize right objectives
  • Assembling basis of technology – compile the “perfect” idea for real solutions of tomorrow
  • Get in touch with the market – evaluate competitors and benefit of results to be forwarded


  • Analyze and evaluation of amount for innovation – determine of work packages for R&D
  • Collaboration with professional consultants – to get in touch with the veracious R&D funds
  • Organization of success together with partners – controlling of carrying out and feasibility


  • Turning ideas to real engineering impacts – getting to be state of future
  • Multiplication of the investments – open new market positions for next projects
  • Enforcement of local networks – acting global for national and international innovations

OWS-MV+: Floating Solutions – Sub Stations for Energy and Sub Structures for WTG (floating)

  • Structure Shapes: Floating Sub Structures for WTG & Energy Hubs (AC/HV/DC)
  • Load Simulations: Development of Intelligent Procedure for Floating Stability   
  • Anchoring: Engineering of Systems with lowest Foot Prints without chains
  • Fabrication: Development of global distribution for 4.0 constructions
  • Operation: Design of global T&I procedures for long period operation cycles
  • Maintenance: Layout and functional planning for unmanned and safe processes
  • Monitoring: Structural Health Monitoring of XXL Monopile

Floating Substructures for Offshore Wind Turbines

Floating Substructures for Sub Stations

Floating Sub Station - AC/AC – Concept & Basic Design

Floating Sub Station - HV/DC – Basic & Detail Design

OWS-MV: Deep(er) Water Application – Sub Stations for Energy and T&I for WTG Foundations (fixed)

  • Platform Shape: Design of Self-Supporting Sections of Sub Stations (Grand Blocks)
  • Scour Protection: Development of Intelligent Scour Protection
  • Noise Protection: Engineering of Inner Impact Noise Protection for Driven Piles
  • Big Baseframe: Development of Baseframes for Deep Water Situations up to 68 m
  • Floating Frame: Design of Floating Baseframes ready for T&I
  • T&I Vessel: Design of T&I procedures to be applied on Installation Vessels
  • XXL-Monopile: Monitoring of Structural Health Monitoring of XXL Monopile

CTS: Cryogen Tank Systems

  • Low Temperature: Design of Applications for LNG to storage at -163°C
  • Design Evaluation: Development of LNG Cargo Tanks for Ships and LNG Container  
  • System Design: Engineering of Gas Barriers and low Boil Off Rate

Gründung III: Basics for Offshore Wind Foundations

  • Design Basis: Environmental Conditions, Rules, Regulations, Loads and Utilizations
  • Design Evaluation: Monopile, Jackets, Tri-Piles, Gravity Based Foundation  
  • Fabrication: Cast, Transition Piece, Azimut Flange, Tower, Nacelle