Neue Warnow Design & Technology GmbH

Project planner and Engineering service provider

Neue Warnow Design & Technology GmbH implements maritime and classical engineering services with our standard "competence through practice". Our engineers realise certifiable planning services for your projects.


„We are a Hanseatic company from Rostock. Our company is located on the banks of the Warnow River. This is connected with our name: Warnow Design.“

Warnow Design & Technology

Ship Building

Our services provide the concept design, the basic planning and the detail design.

We process planning documents for cargo ships, cruise liners, product tankers and barges in the field of steel, equipment and systems.

Our engineering prepares approval planning, hull production design, building method, transport, scaffolding and sea transport of project cargo.


Warnow Design & Technology

Offshore Wind

Our services include all release levels for development, design and implementation.

We process planning documents for offshore wind energy plants, energy transmission/storage platforms for fixed and floating structures.

Our engineering prepares approval planning with design basis, basic & detail Design as well as transport and installation.


Warnow Design & Technology


Our services include the design and dimensioning of complex structural / mechanical systems.

We process planning documents for projects in mechanical engineering, structural engineering and special engineering.

Our engineering department prepares approval planning for project-related requirements in accordance with regulations and standards.


Warnow Design & Technology


Our innovations provide the technological platforms for many maritime developments.

We design the idea, analyze the market, identify the competition and derive the tasks for the topics.

Our engineering defines the goals, records the state of the art & science and realizes the innovation from the idea to the exploitation.